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The Best of Masai Mara Safari Tours

Masai Mara is situated in the South West part of Kenya and makes one of Africa’s greatest wildlife reserves. Alongside the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania, Masai Mara forms most of the continents incredible and most spectacular eco-system.  It offers the world’s top safari big game viewing experience of all time.  Masai Mara safari tours will give you a chance to experience the African wild at its best at pocket-friendly rates.

You can consider the many options for Kenya budget safaris to make your trip more worthwhile and memorable.  Also, book your safari with a reputable tour operator ahead of your trip to avoid last minute disappointments. The distance is about 270 km from Nairobi, Kenya’s capital and takes about 5 hours by road or 45 minutes by air.

Wildebeest Migration

When arranging for budget safaris in Kenya, make provisions to experience and witness the world’s seventh wonder, the wildebeest migration.  Ensure you have your safari planned out to fly or drive to the Mara where all the magic takes place.  Many people have heard the wildebeest migration but nothing prepares them for the real life experience. Therefore, make sure it is one of the things on your bucket list. The best time for this is between July and October.

Accommodation in Masai Mara

Budget safaris in Kenya are quite common; hence, while planning your trip consider getting convenient accommodation options as per your budget. You can stay in the accommodation facilities located in and around the Mara including conservancy. However, the conservancies have restricted the number of cars which allows for more private game viewing experience.

The Best Time to Visit

Masai Mara Safari Tours offer people a unique way to enjoy nature in Africa. You can arrange your Kenya budget safaris tour in July to October to coincide with the incredible movement of animals.  December to February are great months since they are dry and perfect for the Big Cats to roam around. Therefore, when planning for your budget safaris in Kenya, consider timing depending on your interests.

Recommended Number of Days

Masai Mara safari tours provide an excellent chance to sample the vast Maasai Mara; hence requires about three to four days. If you want sheer photography, then opt to stay much longer to get the perfect photos.  You can add a few more days to see more of Kenya including the Amboseli, Northern Kenya, and Tsavo National Parks. A day to the Watamu or Diani Beach will add more flavor to your Kenya budget safaris.

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