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 Making the Most Out of Masai Africa Safaris

The Masai Mara National Reserve is Kenya’s most popular safari destination. Tourists from all walks of life throng this magical spot every year to see Africa’s wild at her best. The BBC’s Big Cat Diary was filmed here, and this is no coincidence. No place in the world comes close when it comes to encountering leopards, cheetahs, and lions. For the best Masai Africa safaris, travel between July and October during the greatest wildlife show on earth, the wildebeest migration.

Other Available Safari Options

You can plan for your Kenya budget safaris to the dry country parks of northern Kenya. Samburu is famous for her rare elephants while Meru is famous for Elsa, the Born Free Lioness. Lake Nakuru offers you an extraordinary showcase of flamingos and Rhinos while Tsavo National Park is a split of two parks. The parks combine well with the magnificent Indian Ocean coast. You should also consider Amboseli, Chyulu Hills, and Laikipia while on a wildlife tours Kenya.

The Best Time to Travel

The most popular time for Masai Africa Safaris is during the dry seasons of June to October. However, note the midsummer is the African winter, and you will need to dress warmly for the dawn game drives.  You should avoid April and May as this is the climax of East Africa’s rainy season. During this period driving on the bush roads becomes impassable and most camps close down until the season is over.

Enjoying the Wildebeest Migration

Your journey to East Africa cannot be complete with the world’s most phenomenal wonder, the wildebeest migration. Masai Africa safaris help you to witness live this crossover which happens every year. You can arrange your wildlife tours Kenya Safari and head to the Maasai Mara Reserve between July and October.

Millions of hers spend the dry season crossing and re-crossing the Mara River. The site is spectacular, and the struggle is real; animals fight to cross and live to see another day while others are swallowed by the raging waters. All this is in search of fresh grazing grounds and a home for the next one year. Also, thousands of Zebras gather on the rain-soaked plains of Serengeti to give birth in February.

During your Masai Africa safaris, hire the best tour guides in the region. The African wild is real; hence, ensure you don’t walk around at night alone. If you must, have an escort to walk you back to your tent or room for your safety.

A Taste of Kenya African Safari Tours

Kenya is a land of greatness, and everything you see or hear about her is real. Whenever you plan your Kenya African safari tours, think of all the goodness you’ll experience once you land here.  Wildlife Safari Africa strives to get you closer to nature while allowing you to experience the magical wild and breathtaking sceneries you’ve ever seen.

The Itineraries

Kenya African Safari tours offer a wealth of safari opportunities tailored to enable you to explore every available opportunity. We, the masters of wildlife safari Africa ensure you get the best game viewing experience as you traverse through the landscapes. We cater for individual and group safari activities of all ages. The opportunities here remain endless; you’ll sample the famous national parks and game reserves to more undisclosed places and lodges.

Best Hosts for Kenya African Safari Tours

When you arrive at the airport, you’ll meet our experienced and knowledgeable wildlife safari Africa guides. Also, a senior representative is available to offer pre-safari orientation and a detailed plan of what is in store for you. They brief you on the program what to expect alongside the background information and materials you need for the tour.

What We Offer

We offer personalized service for all your Kenya African safari tours. We also take care of every detail of your safari and promise many endless fun opportunities for memorable safari experiences.  Since we interact with diverse African communities and have formal training in tour guiding, expect to get unmatched and intimate service. From hospitable locals to parks virgin parks and wildlife, you’ll have lifelong memories once we are through with tour.

Transport and Game Drives

Once you arrive at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, you’ll find customized safari vans waiting for you.  Most of these buses and vans are complete with Radio communication and pop-up roofs for the best game drive views. They have large sliding windows for the avid photographer and a suspension system for the rugged African terrain.

For the best wildlife safari Africa experience and comfort, the vehicles undergo regular maintenance meaning they are in excellent condition. For the ultimate comfort and convenience, you can hire a private aircraft charter. With this arrangement, you’ll get easy access to airstrips that don’t get scheduled flights with total flexibility and timing.


We take great pride in offering excellent accommodation options for all our visitors. Among the options you expect to get includes luxury tented camps, safari lodges, and hotels, complete with unique designs and styles. We have good working relations with suppliers and service providers to ensure you enjoy all your Kenya African safari tours.

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