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Kenya Safari Holiday Tours

Kenya safari holiday tours are synonymous with anyone wanting to do an African Safari. With the many national parks and game reserve most travelers’ visit less than 1 % of what Kenya has to offer. One would require more than 3 months so as to transverse the different attractions. These parks make Kenya a top Africa safari destination only rivaled by few if any.

More to this, Kenya safari holiday safari holidays can be tailor made to include other forms of tourism apart from the beach and safari which Kenya is known for. Some of other forms of tourism that Kenya offers are the following:

Kenya agro tourism

Kenya is among the top producers of Tea and Coffee. Of late it has also emerged as a top producer of horticulture This makes Kenya a premium destination for those willing to come and learn how tea is grown.  Some of the safari itineraries can incorporate this to make your visit to Kenya a unique experience.

Culture tourism

On culture, Kenya is home to 42 tribes making it a diverse country for learning about Africa traditions and culture way of living. On this some of the world’s documented human fossil is found in Kenya. Recent archeological findings place Kenya at the fore front of claiming to be the cradle of mankind. Lake Tulkana is world heritage site and the Tulkana boy fossils are the worlds recent findings of the evolution of mankind, a visit to the national museums of Kenya would make this a worthwhile visit to know about the culture aspects of Kenya. Kenya is home to 6 world heritage sites documented by UNESCO.

Kenya Sports tourism,

On the sports arena, Kenya is synonymous with long distance running, and for those who do not want safari or beach products they can take time off and learn one or two things about how those great runners do it, this tour will take you to highlands of northern Kenya where the green sceneries will amaze you.

Other Kenya safari holiday tours that would come in handy are adventures tours which are not limited to gliding, bungee jumps, white water rafting, among others. Hiking and mountain climbing would come in handy, Kenya is home to Mt Kenya , the second highest mountain in Africa and the most difficult to climb, for those who like short excursions they would climb mount Longonot which is a 2 hours climb. For all this, one will come to the conclusion that Kenya safari holiday tours are the most sorts after for those wishing to take an African holiday

The Masai Mara Luxury Safari

If you have money and want a safari experience of a lifetime, consider taking a Masai Mara luxury safari.  If you are not a resident of East Africa the costs are slightly higher with the following entrance fees:

Non-residents adults residing outside the park pay $ 80 while East African residents pay about $ 12. Five seater vehicles pay about $ 4 while six seater but less than 12 seaters pay about $10.  All the charges are for 24 hours daily.

Accommodation at the Mara

There are luxury camps in Masai Mara you can hire based on the number of days you want to stay at the park.  Also, you can rent one of the many tents available to give you the real bush experience.

What You Expect To See

You will see the big five in the Masai Mara. They include leopards, lions, buffalos, and elephants. Try to look out for unique and unexpected moments to make your trip special and memorable. If you have the freedom of a self-drive, you’ll have added benefits. However, you can opt of private charters when you have some extra money to spend. Luxury Kenya Safari is all one needs to unwind from the pressures of life

The Masai Mara Experience

While on a Masai Mara luxury safari, spend most of your time cruising through the park to see the African wild.  The number of predators you’ll see grazing on the endless plains will amaze you. Luxury Kenya Safari offer qualified tour guides to guide you through the huge park; they have radio communication for easy tracking.

Why the Masai Mara Luxury Safari

Masai Mara is the most famous safari location in the world. Contrary to popular opinion, there are many luxury camps in Masai Mara which are always full all year round. The spot is popular due to the abundance of predators and the breathtaking scenery. The rolling plains are mind-blowing, and the people are amazing.  The wildebeest migration between July and October draws thousands of visitors to this game reserve.

The Masai tribe which consists of the indigenous Kenyan natives makes the largest part of the Kenyan culture. Their culture is unique housing structures called Manyatta which give you a real cultural experience. Such is what adds to a unique Masai Mara luxury safari experience.

Have Fun with Kenya Tanzania Safari Tours

Regardless of how you travel, nothing beats the feeling of moving around spotting the sprawling wildlife and the rich grassland. Kenya Tanzania safari tours are all you need to get beautiful sights to behold. The trips hinge on the capturing spirit of Kenya and her neighbor Tanzania. You switch between the two witnessing amazing national parks, tented camps, landscapes, and wildlife.  It is a chance to get out and feel the majestic power of nature as you travel across the two countries.

 The Beauty of Wildlife Safari Africa

Africa is a land of sheer magic, fun, and beauty; it offers you many adventure options and lasting memories to carry back home. From the time you and at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi Kenya, expect our local guides to take over your safari. They will lead you to some of the best safari excursions within and around the region.

As you enjoy your Kenya Tanzania safari tours, you’ll descend into the Great Rift Valley and watch the African wild. Also, you will see Mount Kenya and Kilimanjaro in the far distance. Amboseli National Parks and Nairobi National Parks will expose you to the Big Five. As you head further into your safari, you’ll encounter the wildebeest migration across the Serengeti and the Mara River.

The Kenya Tanzania Safari Tours Itinerary

Nairobi/ Masai Mara

Arrive at the time of your convenience. Travel comfortably either by air or but to the Masai Mara. You can have an overnight stay at one of the camps located in the heart of the game reserve. While at the Mara enjoy fantastic game drives spotting animals and interacting with the parks rangers. In the evening, settle bank at the camp and enjoy views overlooking the plains of the game reserve. The morning drive is even better; it is the best time to spot the animals. Tour the rolling hills of the African Savanna and also enjoy an afternoon game drive.

Arusha/Lake Mnayara National Park

Plan for Tanzania beach holidays and continue the journey to Arusha, the getaway to Serengeti and the Northern National Parks of Tanzania. Visit Mto Wa Mbu Village and enjoy guided cultural walks as well as a traditional lunch with the local community. While staying at one of the safari camps located outside Lake Manyara National Park, you’ll enjoy unobstructed views of the Rift Valley Escarpment. An afternoon of game drives to enjoy unique wildlife and search for tree-climbing lions will be worth your time.


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