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Different Options for Kenya Tours and Safaris

When you think of Africa, the first thing that comes to mind is pure fun and adventure. Africa is magical and more so Kenya, the land of Africa Safaris has plenty of opportunities to offer.  With Kenya tours and safaris, you are sure to carry lasting memories with only a single trip. You’ll have so much to see and explore; hence, you need the right tours and travel company to plan your Kenya camping tours.

Mobile Camping Excursions

Wildlife safari Kenya gives you an opportunity to see Africa at its best. When you want to be up-close with nature without sacrificing comfort, consider free camping. Such will offer you more flexibility as you traverse the bush and vast Kenyan plains. You can think about ten-day Kenya camping tours with at least seven nights in the woods. The trip can include 14 people traveling in two four-wheel drive and cruisers, and the prices are reasonable. To make the most of out of Kenya camping tours, you are encouraged to take group tours.

Walking Camping Adventures

Walking while on your Kenya tours and safaris excursions gives you the ultimate adventure more so for the physically fit. You might not get good wildlife photo opportunities as you would from a minivan, but you’ll experience the full thrill of wild Kenya.

You can get a five-night walking safari experience in the northern Kenya’s magnificent Karisia Hills.  Depending on the wildlife safari Kenya package you choose, you can get a return flight to Nairobi and all transfers.  Furthermore, there are riding camels and Samburu guides to support your expedition.

Beach and Bush Safaris

Kenya tours and safaris offer a unique combination of bush and beach safaris, and this is irresistible. Journeying in the big five state preceded by the opportunity to relax in the calm of the Indian Ocean is absolute magic. Consider a ten-day holiday package with four fantastic nights at the Governor’s Camp in the Maasai Mara.  Also, you’ll get and five nights on the Zanzibar’s east coast at the Baraza Resort and Spa. The cost depends on your budget but is inclusive of game drives, meals, and transport.

Tailored Safaris

Traveling with a professional on your Kenya camping tours can make a huge difference to your travel itinerary. A majority of the Kenya tours and safaris companies charge fair rates per day, and there are several.  However, you can arrange for a tailor-made safari with experienced guides depending on your budget, tastes, and preferences.

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