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Tanzania safari companies

Tanzania safari companies are many, among them is Kenya safari holiday tours. Elite Luxury which trades as kenya safari holiday tours is tours and travel company is a tour company in Kenya and Tanzania specializing in providing services ranging from safaris in Tanzania as well as Kenya.  Over time it has become the preferred tour company for many a safaris.

The company specializes in Serengeti luxury safaris where the great migration of thousands of zebras and millions of wildebeest starts and ends. The great migration has come to be known as the eight wonder and many travelers visit Tanzania and Kenya safaris mostly to see this yearly phenomenon. There are many Tanzania safari companies that can make your Tanzania safari holiday a memorable one, be it budget or luxury adventures, you will find some good company, but one should do a due diligence on the company before you settle on one, this will make sure that the travel company has what it takes for you to enjoy your Tanzania holidays.

Notable attraction where Tanzania safari companies specialize

Among the notable attractions one can visit are the northern circuit parks namely Serengeti national park, where the great migration start before going to Masai Mara on the Kenyan side. Another attraction is the Ngoro Ngoro crater a more recent volcano, Lake Manyara national park with a wide concentration of animals and birds for those wishing to do birding activities. Other premium parks on this side would be Tarangire national park home to the climbing lions.

On the southern circuit you would want companies who are masters in this area as some of the parks are big and takes specialist Tanzania safari companies to make your visit worthwhile. Some of the attractions found here are Selous national parks, Makumi national park Ruaha national park. The southern circuit is so enormous that you need a serious Tanzania safari companies to execute your imaginations.

More so you need a Tanzania safari companies that would do a combination of Kenya and Tanzania safaris since the combinations of this two countries makes your safari an awesome one. Tanzania Kenya safaris starts from either country but more a times the safaris emanate from the Kenya side and end on the Tanzania side, usually they are luxury African safaris.

How to Benefit From Masai Mara Budget Safari

Masai Mara is the home of the famous wildebeest migration that happens each year. It is one of the best and rewarding safari destinations in Kenya. Also, it gives you an opportunity to witness the big five on a single park. The wildebeest migration, the world’s seventh wonder lies in the heart of the Great Rift Valley. The Masai Mara National Reserve is a tourist destination that offers a spectacular view of nature’s sceneries. With Masai Mara budget safari, you can have a complete itinerary and carry lasting memories with you.

The Popularity of Budget Safaris in Kenya

Kenya offers many travel options regardless of your budget. Visitors are free to choose from the many available budget safari options available. Masai Mara budget safari offers everything it promises without compromising on the quality of service you get. You can enjoy so much without the crazy price tag during your camping safari Kenya excursions.

Maximizing Your Masai Mara Budget Safari

Budget safaris in Kenya are surprisingly cheap. All you need is to arrange the entire process, rent the right car, organize tents on the campsite, and arrange for your meals. Likewise, you can negotiate resident’s rate, and you’ll spend only100 dollars per head. Remember to bargain your package to enjoy many activities in one trip as you possibly can.  You need to have a full guide on how to spend a full day in the Mara while on a budget.

Getting the Best Ride

Make sure you get a suitable vehicle to enjoy your Masai Mara budget safari. A conventional 4-wheel drive will do although you can hire a land cruiser especially if you are traveling with a team. Group travels offer authentic safari experience and make the trips cheaper than individual travels. Get a vehicle with a pop up roof for improved viewing and easy spotting of animals. A land cruiser is a trusted vehicle for Kenya’s rough terrain.

Walking Safari

Alternatively, opt for a walking safari when considering a Masai Mara budget safari. You’ll be guided by Masai warrior as you explore the panoramic views of the Oloolaimutia Hills and bird watching in the camp. An ideal Masai Mara budget safari experience will cost about $25 per person. You can also visit nearby Masai villages and meet the natives who will show different customs while relaxing in the manyattas.


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