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Sampling Safari Holidays in Tanzania

Are you bored and you want the best getaway to unwind?  Do you love safaris and you have no idea where to go? If your answer is yes, then consider safari holidays in Tanzania. Tanzania is a renowned holiday destination in Africa and most especially the East Africa Region. It neighbors Kenya on one hand and Uganda on the other and has great wildlife concentration and natural attractions. The country offers beautiful beaches and romantic getaways for families and honeymooners. If you choose safari holidays in Tanzania, you’ll have rewarding experiences and memories like no other.

The Serengeti Safari

The Serengeti is a famous place and renowned for its concentration of predators and the Great Serengeti Migration of millions of wildebeest.  Serengeti Safaris guarantees an exceptional safari experience in the endless grassy plains. It is the richest grazing ground on the continent and home to herds of the world’s deadliest predators. Serengeti is the finest park in Africa and offers a variety of species. It is the source of the famous seventh wonder of the world, the wildebeest migration.

The main daytime activity is game viewing. People are not allowed in the park at night, but there are many lodges where night driving is available. The park is huge and divided into four areas namely: the central Seronera Valley, the Western Corridor, the Northern Lobo, and Kogatenda, and the Southern Plains.

The Seronera region is a network of river valleys that supply the park with water and is rich in wildlife. The western corridor provided wildlife action in May and June. The Northern region is quiet and largely unvisited due to relative inaccessibility. The Southern part is where the name of the park comes from and has vast grass plains that stretch from Seronera into the Ngorongoro Conservancy.

Ngorongoro Crater Safaris

Very few safari destinations deliver the same experience as the Ngorongoro Crater. Africa id full of bigger and wider parks but if you want the easiest and most rewarding game viewing experience, the Ngorongoro Crater Safaris won’t disappoint you.  You can’t miss this safari destination on Tanzania’s star-studded Northern Safari Circuit. It offers a classic big five safari experience in a unique setting of the ancient volcanic caldera.

The Ngorongoro Crater is home to over 30,000 animals and is a diverse habitat revealed through guided game drives. The scenery is spectacular with an abundance of predators. To enjoy all this and more, consider arranging your safari holidays in Tanzania soon.


Memorable Kenya Holidays Safari Experiences

Kenya holidays safari is one of the most safari experiences you can experience while in Africa.   When planning for your Kenya holidays safari, contact one of the many tour companies in Kenya for help. Also, expect a variety of tour activities that make the most of Kenya beach holidays.

We offer all year round game viewing activities including the magical safari parks and a visit of the Masai Mara.  Africa offers many top vacation activities which include photographic safaris, hot air ballooning, and wildlife safaris among others.

Choose Us for Your Kenya Holidays Safari

We are among the best tour companies in Kenya; hence, we select the most exciting safari tours for you. Whatever we choose is meant to not only inspire but inform you while illustrating how top attractions work together in an itinerary. When it comes to planning your Kenya beach holidays, we are the best and promise you nothing but pure fun. We customize your vacation needs shaping them around your individual tastes and preferences for a memorable safari experience.

Why You Need Vacation In Africa

Kenya holidays safari is the best way to explore the wonders of Africa. The experience of Kenya beach holidays is so contagious that most guests make return trips after the first visit. A majority of them will share their Kenya holiday’s safari experiences with their friends and family and make reservations for their next vacation. The experiences they get here are unmatched, and they are magical; therefore, if you dream of an Africa trip, consider Kenya beach holidays.

Warm up to the beauty of Kenya holidays safari to enjoy all that Africa has to offer. Forget all you’ve heard about Africa; this is just one large country. It is memorable to watch animals migrate through the Mara River and trekking through the virgin parks of Africa. If your dream is to see the big five in real life, then consider booking for your next Kenya holidays safari.

Why Us for Your Kenya Holidays Safari

You have every reason to contract us for all your Kenya holidays safari needs. We are among the best tour companies in Kenya based in Nairobi Kenya with associates in the entire East Africa region. Our specialty is in offering customized vacation holiday safaris and tours for all kinds of visitors. Whether you are looking for honeymoon, family, luxury, budget or adventurous camping, we are only a phone call away.


 Making the Most Out of Masai Africa Safaris

The Masai Mara National Reserve is Kenya’s most popular safari destination. Tourists from all walks of life throng this magical spot every year to see Africa’s wild at her best. The BBC’s Big Cat Diary was filmed here, and this is no coincidence. No place in the world comes close when it comes to encountering leopards, cheetahs, and lions. For the best Masai Africa safaris, travel between July and October during the greatest wildlife show on earth, the wildebeest migration.

Other Available Safari Options

You can plan for your Kenya budget safaris to the dry country parks of northern Kenya. Samburu is famous for her rare elephants while Meru is famous for Elsa, the Born Free Lioness. Lake Nakuru offers you an extraordinary showcase of flamingos and Rhinos while Tsavo National Park is a split of two parks. The parks combine well with the magnificent Indian Ocean coast. You should also consider Amboseli, Chyulu Hills, and Laikipia while on a wildlife tours Kenya.

The Best Time to Travel

The most popular time for Masai Africa Safaris is during the dry seasons of June to October. However, note the midsummer is the African winter, and you will need to dress warmly for the dawn game drives.  You should avoid April and May as this is the climax of East Africa’s rainy season. During this period driving on the bush roads becomes impassable and most camps close down until the season is over.

Enjoying the Wildebeest Migration

Your journey to East Africa cannot be complete with the world’s most phenomenal wonder, the wildebeest migration. Masai Africa safaris help you to witness live this crossover which happens every year. You can arrange your wildlife tours Kenya Safari and head to the Maasai Mara Reserve between July and October.

Millions of hers spend the dry season crossing and re-crossing the Mara River. The site is spectacular, and the struggle is real; animals fight to cross and live to see another day while others are swallowed by the raging waters. All this is in search of fresh grazing grounds and a home for the next one year. Also, thousands of Zebras gather on the rain-soaked plains of Serengeti to give birth in February.

During your Masai Africa safaris, hire the best tour guides in the region. The African wild is real; hence, ensure you don’t walk around at night alone. If you must, have an escort to walk you back to your tent or room for your safety.

How to Combine Kenya and Tanzania Safaris

Nothing beats a safari experience than combining two destinations in one safari. Imagine tracking all the Big Five across the Serengeti and Masai Mara while sampling nature’s best.  Kenya and Tanzania safaris offer you a two-week journey through the grasslands of Kenya and Tanzania. It I a chance to ride between amazing national parks and the African plains while staying in exclusive safari lodges and camps. With private safaris, you get an opportunity to experience the East African savanna its full glare.

Arranging Your Travel Itinerary

Combine your Kenya and Tanzania safaris for the ultimate East Africa safari.  Tour companies in Tanzania and Kenya will help you to come up with a reasonable itinerary. They will hook you up with the region’s air hubs in Dar es Salam and Nairobi. Nairobi has countless attractions which include the Nairobi National Park, the Daphne Shedrick Elephant Orphanage, Giraffe Manor, and exclusive weather among others.

The Combining Factor

Kenya and Tanzania are big game destinations; they are home to most of Africa’s legendary parks. Private safaris can help you to blend Kenya’s Amboseli and Masai Mara with Tanzania’s Ngorongoro Crater and Serengeti. Kenya and Tanzania safaris mean you’ll witness live the world’s seventh wonder-the wildebeest migration. It is the combining factor between these two nations. The movement starts in the south of Serengeti and moves through the central and western Serengeti into the Masai Mara.  Therefore by combining Kenya and Tanzania Safaris expect to see a spectacle of mega herds; it’s an experience like no other.

The Best of Kenya and Tanzania Safaris

It is worth exploring off the beaten track to a spectacular scenery and rare wildlife in Kenya’s Samburu and Tanzania’s Tarangire. With a combined safari, you can invite other add-ons like the chimp and gorilla trekking expeditions. You can cruise to Zanzibar to enjoy the sun on the most virgin beaches.  You private safaris provider can tailor your trip and offer a package based on your preferences and budget. They will help you plan your itinerary for a safari of a lifetime.

What to Do

KWS Conservation Talk

Get informed on the issues surrounding poaching and rhino conservation from Kenya’s renowned geographic explorers like Richard Leakey. Hang out with the Masai people and learn some of Kenya’s best-preserved cultures.

Ngorongoro Crater Wildlife Safari Drive

Spot warthogs, zebras, and gazelles while on your safari cruise.  Have your camera ready to capture some of the rare and magical moments of the Big Five walking along the crater floor.


How to Benefit From Masai Mara Budget Safari

Masai Mara is the home of the famous wildebeest migration that happens each year. It is one of the best and rewarding safari destinations in Kenya. Also, it gives you an opportunity to witness the big five on a single park. The wildebeest migration, the world’s seventh wonder lies in the heart of the Great Rift Valley. The Masai Mara National Reserve is a tourist destination that offers a spectacular view of nature’s sceneries. With Masai Mara budget safari, you can have a complete itinerary and carry lasting memories with you.

The Popularity of Budget Safaris in Kenya

Kenya offers many travel options regardless of your budget. Visitors are free to choose from the many available budget safari options available. Masai Mara budget safari offers everything it promises without compromising on the quality of service you get. You can enjoy so much without the crazy price tag during your camping safari Kenya excursions.

Maximizing Your Masai Mara Budget Safari

Budget safaris in Kenya are surprisingly cheap. All you need is to arrange the entire process, rent the right car, organize tents on the campsite, and arrange for your meals. Likewise, you can negotiate resident’s rate, and you’ll spend only100 dollars per head. Remember to bargain your package to enjoy many activities in one trip as you possibly can.  You need to have a full guide on how to spend a full day in the Mara while on a budget.

Getting the Best Ride

Make sure you get a suitable vehicle to enjoy your Masai Mara budget safari. A conventional 4-wheel drive will do although you can hire a land cruiser especially if you are traveling with a team. Group travels offer authentic safari experience and make the trips cheaper than individual travels. Get a vehicle with a pop up roof for improved viewing and easy spotting of animals. A land cruiser is a trusted vehicle for Kenya’s rough terrain.

Walking Safari

Alternatively, opt for a walking safari when considering a Masai Mara budget safari. You’ll be guided by Masai warrior as you explore the panoramic views of the Oloolaimutia Hills and bird watching in the camp. An ideal Masai Mara budget safari experience will cost about $25 per person. You can also visit nearby Masai villages and meet the natives who will show different customs while relaxing in the manyattas.


Have Fun with Kenya Tanzania Safari Tours

Regardless of how you travel, nothing beats the feeling of moving around spotting the sprawling wildlife and the rich grassland. Kenya Tanzania safari tours are all you need to get beautiful sights to behold. The trips hinge on the capturing spirit of Kenya and her neighbor Tanzania. You switch between the two witnessing amazing national parks, tented camps, landscapes, and wildlife.  It is a chance to get out and feel the majestic power of nature as you travel across the two countries.

 The Beauty of Wildlife Safari Africa

Africa is a land of sheer magic, fun, and beauty; it offers you many adventure options and lasting memories to carry back home. From the time you and at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi Kenya, expect our local guides to take over your safari. They will lead you to some of the best safari excursions within and around the region.

As you enjoy your Kenya Tanzania safari tours, you’ll descend into the Great Rift Valley and watch the African wild. Also, you will see Mount Kenya and Kilimanjaro in the far distance. Amboseli National Parks and Nairobi National Parks will expose you to the Big Five. As you head further into your safari, you’ll encounter the wildebeest migration across the Serengeti and the Mara River.

The Kenya Tanzania Safari Tours Itinerary

Nairobi/ Masai Mara

Arrive at the time of your convenience. Travel comfortably either by air or but to the Masai Mara. You can have an overnight stay at one of the camps located in the heart of the game reserve. While at the Mara enjoy fantastic game drives spotting animals and interacting with the parks rangers. In the evening, settle bank at the camp and enjoy views overlooking the plains of the game reserve. The morning drive is even better; it is the best time to spot the animals. Tour the rolling hills of the African Savanna and also enjoy an afternoon game drive.

Arusha/Lake Mnayara National Park

Plan for Tanzania beach holidays and continue the journey to Arusha, the getaway to Serengeti and the Northern National Parks of Tanzania. Visit Mto Wa Mbu Village and enjoy guided cultural walks as well as a traditional lunch with the local community. While staying at one of the safari camps located outside Lake Manyara National Park, you’ll enjoy unobstructed views of the Rift Valley Escarpment. An afternoon of game drives to enjoy unique wildlife and search for tree-climbing lions will be worth your time.


Different Options for Kenya Tours and Safaris

When you think of Africa, the first thing that comes to mind is pure fun and adventure. Africa is magical and more so Kenya, the land of Africa Safaris has plenty of opportunities to offer.  With Kenya tours and safaris, you are sure to carry lasting memories with only a single trip. You’ll have so much to see and explore; hence, you need the right tours and travel company to plan your Kenya camping tours.

Mobile Camping Excursions

Wildlife safari Kenya gives you an opportunity to see Africa at its best. When you want to be up-close with nature without sacrificing comfort, consider free camping. Such will offer you more flexibility as you traverse the bush and vast Kenyan plains. You can think about ten-day Kenya camping tours with at least seven nights in the woods. The trip can include 14 people traveling in two four-wheel drive and cruisers, and the prices are reasonable. To make the most of out of Kenya camping tours, you are encouraged to take group tours.

Walking Camping Adventures

Walking while on your Kenya tours and safaris excursions gives you the ultimate adventure more so for the physically fit. You might not get good wildlife photo opportunities as you would from a minivan, but you’ll experience the full thrill of wild Kenya.

You can get a five-night walking safari experience in the northern Kenya’s magnificent Karisia Hills.  Depending on the wildlife safari Kenya package you choose, you can get a return flight to Nairobi and all transfers.  Furthermore, there are riding camels and Samburu guides to support your expedition.

Beach and Bush Safaris

Kenya tours and safaris offer a unique combination of bush and beach safaris, and this is irresistible. Journeying in the big five state preceded by the opportunity to relax in the calm of the Indian Ocean is absolute magic. Consider a ten-day holiday package with four fantastic nights at the Governor’s Camp in the Maasai Mara.  Also, you’ll get and five nights on the Zanzibar’s east coast at the Baraza Resort and Spa. The cost depends on your budget but is inclusive of game drives, meals, and transport.

Tailored Safaris

Traveling with a professional on your Kenya camping tours can make a huge difference to your travel itinerary. A majority of the Kenya tours and safaris companies charge fair rates per day, and there are several.  However, you can arrange for a tailor-made safari with experienced guides depending on your budget, tastes, and preferences.

Climb Kilimanjaro Safari Excursions

Kilimanjaro is the tallest free-standing mountain in the world. It rises to a breath-taking 5895 meters high and sits in the clouds that overlook the East African region.  Very few Africa Mountains will give you the experience you get when you climb Kilimanjaro. The feeling is priceless and combing through the different vegetation zones to the peak leaves you with a great sense of accomplishment.

About Mount Kilimanjaro

Mountain climbing is an expedition for the select few, but the feeling is different when you are climbing the world’s leading natural phenomenon.  Mount Kilimanjaro’s snow-capped peak is veiled by clouds; however, on bright days the sight of the summit is arresting and rare.  Apart from Kilimanjaro being the highest mountain in Africa, it is also the largest of its kind in the entire globe. It is East Africa’s source of pride alongside wildlife, and virgin savanna plains. Mount Kilimanjaro safari is a once in a lifetime experience that few get to taste.

Many fondly refer to this mountain as Kili, and it’s made up of three peaks namely: Uhuru, Mawenzi, and Shira.  It is a relatively young mountain formed by a volcanic activity about 1 million years ago. It is an iconic and evocative site and is under the protection of the Mount Kilimanjaro National Park.

Viewing Mount Kilimanjaro

You don’t need to climb Kilimanjaro to enjoy its splendor. You can have the clearest view of the mountain across the border at the Amboseli National Park. The chance to climb Kilimanjaro is a rare one and those who make it have turned it into a popular safari destination.  At least 20, 000 mountain climbers make their way to the peak of Kilimanjaro.  To climb, you need specialized training and technical equipment to prevent accidents and altitude sickness.

Preparing to Climb Kilimanjaro

Africa Mountains are a sight to behold; they offer incredible safari experiences for thousands of visitors every year.  Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro is not a walk in the park; it is a tough hike and takes about five days or more.  You must be fit both physically and mentally and invest in proper mountain climbing gear. The routes to the peak are many and vary according to climbing time, natural beauty, and difficulty in climbing. You can plan to climb Kilimanjaro during the drier months of January, February, and September. July and August are good, but they are a bit colder.


A Taste of Kenya African Safari Tours

Kenya is a land of greatness, and everything you see or hear about her is real. Whenever you plan your Kenya African safari tours, think of all the goodness you’ll experience once you land here.  Wildlife Safari Africa strives to get you closer to nature while allowing you to experience the magical wild and breathtaking sceneries you’ve ever seen.

The Itineraries

Kenya African Safari tours offer a wealth of safari opportunities tailored to enable you to explore every available opportunity. We, the masters of wildlife safari Africa ensure you get the best game viewing experience as you traverse through the landscapes. We cater for individual and group safari activities of all ages. The opportunities here remain endless; you’ll sample the famous national parks and game reserves to more undisclosed places and lodges.

Best Hosts for Kenya African Safari Tours

When you arrive at the airport, you’ll meet our experienced and knowledgeable wildlife safari Africa guides. Also, a senior representative is available to offer pre-safari orientation and a detailed plan of what is in store for you. They brief you on the program what to expect alongside the background information and materials you need for the tour.

What We Offer

We offer personalized service for all your Kenya African safari tours. We also take care of every detail of your safari and promise many endless fun opportunities for memorable safari experiences.  Since we interact with diverse African communities and have formal training in tour guiding, expect to get unmatched and intimate service. From hospitable locals to parks virgin parks and wildlife, you’ll have lifelong memories once we are through with tour.

Transport and Game Drives

Once you arrive at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, you’ll find customized safari vans waiting for you.  Most of these buses and vans are complete with Radio communication and pop-up roofs for the best game drive views. They have large sliding windows for the avid photographer and a suspension system for the rugged African terrain.

For the best wildlife safari Africa experience and comfort, the vehicles undergo regular maintenance meaning they are in excellent condition. For the ultimate comfort and convenience, you can hire a private aircraft charter. With this arrangement, you’ll get easy access to airstrips that don’t get scheduled flights with total flexibility and timing.


We take great pride in offering excellent accommodation options for all our visitors. Among the options you expect to get includes luxury tented camps, safari lodges, and hotels, complete with unique designs and styles. We have good working relations with suppliers and service providers to ensure you enjoy all your Kenya African safari tours.

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