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Tanzania safari companies

Tanzania safari companies are many, among them is Kenya safari holiday tours. Elite Luxury which trades as kenya safari holiday tours is tours and travel company is a tour company in Kenya and Tanzania specializing in providing services ranging from safaris in Tanzania as well as Kenya.  Over time it has become the preferred tour company for many a safaris.

The company specializes in Serengeti luxury safaris where the great migration of thousands of zebras and millions of wildebeest starts and ends. The great migration has come to be known as the eight wonder and many travelers visit Tanzania and Kenya safaris mostly to see this yearly phenomenon. There are many Tanzania safari companies that can make your Tanzania safari holiday a memorable one, be it budget or luxury adventures, you will find some good company, but one should do a due diligence on the company before you settle on one, this will make sure that the travel company has what it takes for you to enjoy your Tanzania holidays.

Notable attraction where Tanzania safari companies specialize

Among the notable attractions one can visit are the northern circuit parks namely Serengeti national park, where the great migration start before going to Masai Mara on the Kenyan side. Another attraction is the Ngoro Ngoro crater a more recent volcano, Lake Manyara national park with a wide concentration of animals and birds for those wishing to do birding activities. Other premium parks on this side would be Tarangire national park home to the climbing lions.

On the southern circuit you would want companies who are masters in this area as some of the parks are big and takes specialist Tanzania safari companies to make your visit worthwhile. Some of the attractions found here are Selous national parks, Makumi national park Ruaha national park. The southern circuit is so enormous that you need a serious Tanzania safari companies to execute your imaginations.

More so you need a Tanzania safari companies that would do a combination of Kenya and Tanzania safaris since the combinations of this two countries makes your safari an awesome one. Tanzania Kenya safaris starts from either country but more a times the safaris emanate from the Kenya side and end on the Tanzania side, usually they are luxury African safaris.

Kenya Safari Holiday Tours

Kenya safari holiday tours are synonymous with anyone wanting to do an African Safari. With the many national parks and game reserve most travelers’ visit less than 1 % of what Kenya has to offer. One would require more than 3 months so as to transverse the different attractions. These parks make Kenya a top Africa safari destination only rivaled by few if any.

More to this, Kenya safari holiday safari holidays can be tailor made to include other forms of tourism apart from the beach and safari which Kenya is known for. Some of other forms of tourism that Kenya offers are the following:

Kenya agro tourism

Kenya is among the top producers of Tea and Coffee. Of late it has also emerged as a top producer of horticulture This makes Kenya a premium destination for those willing to come and learn how tea is grown.  Some of the safari itineraries can incorporate this to make your visit to Kenya a unique experience.

Culture tourism

On culture, Kenya is home to 42 tribes making it a diverse country for learning about Africa traditions and culture way of living. On this some of the world’s documented human fossil is found in Kenya. Recent archeological findings place Kenya at the fore front of claiming to be the cradle of mankind. Lake Tulkana is world heritage site and the Tulkana boy fossils are the worlds recent findings of the evolution of mankind, a visit to the national museums of Kenya would make this a worthwhile visit to know about the culture aspects of Kenya. Kenya is home to 6 world heritage sites documented by UNESCO.

Kenya Sports tourism,

On the sports arena, Kenya is synonymous with long distance running, and for those who do not want safari or beach products they can take time off and learn one or two things about how those great runners do it, this tour will take you to highlands of northern Kenya where the green sceneries will amaze you.

Other Kenya safari holiday tours that would come in handy are adventures tours which are not limited to gliding, bungee jumps, white water rafting, among others. Hiking and mountain climbing would come in handy, Kenya is home to Mt Kenya , the second highest mountain in Africa and the most difficult to climb, for those who like short excursions they would climb mount Longonot which is a 2 hours climb. For all this, one will come to the conclusion that Kenya safari holiday tours are the most sorts after for those wishing to take an African holiday

Welcome To the Best Africa Kenya Safaris

A warm welcome to our Africa Kenya Safaris is what you need for your next trip.  Welcome to Kenya our homeland of adventure where our clients arrive as guests but leave as our friends. We bring you up-close with nature and allow you time to canvas the African wilderness.

Since time in memorial Africa continued to offer you a wealth of safari and beach holiday opportunities. We tailor all the safari packages to allow our clients the opportunity to explore every trip to the fullest. Our focus is to combine the best scenic landscapes, game viewing, rich culture, and magical beaches for a memorable safari experience.

Why Choose Africa Kenya Safaris

You are assured of the best safari in Kenya because this is the origin of safari travel. The bucket list for your Kenya luxury safari includes the incredible migration in the legendary Maasai Mara and the unforgettable views of Mount Kilimanjaro. You will encounter some of Africa’s fascinating cultures in the rural Maasai villages and the Greater Rift Valley.  For your Europe, India, and African flavors and cuisines, be ready to melt down in the Swahili culture.

What Combines the Best Africa Kenya Safaris?

Kenya luxury safari offers some of the best attractions which include the natural migration of mega herds.  Following the summer rains and the sweet grasses in an animal pilgrimage, expect to see herds of wildebeest relocating via the Mara. Depending on the timing of your Africa Kenya safari, you may witness the life and death struggles of the Mara River crossings. Also, be ready to see the dramatic encounter with Africa’s top predators on the open plains.

The Uniqueness of Africa Kenya Safaris

Kenya combines easily with Rwanda and Tanzania meaning you can add gorilla trekking for the best safari in Kenya. You’ll come across a vast variety of safari and beach tours to make the most out of each safari.  Scenic beauty, wildlife, and tropical islands are what await you while on your Africa Kenya safari.

What’s more, Kenya offers a holiday package for all kinds of travelers. We provide family safaris with kid-friendly activities and services to exclusive hideouts for lovers. Also, we have packages for honeymooners, small groups of friends and families, and picnics among others.  The Kenya luxury safari offers all sorts of accommodation and amenity packages. Regardless of the kind of traveler you are, there’s nothing that beats an Africa Kenya safaris.

The Perfect Nairobi National Park Tour

The moment you land at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, the ambiance automatically welcomes you to a journey of excursions in Nairobi. You are ready to witness one of the most accessible and contagious safari experiences. Nairobi National Park is set on Nairobi’s southern sphere and stands at 117 square km stretch. It’s one of Africa’s smallest parks but the only one within a city center setting.

Your Nairobi National Park tour will expose you to an abundance of wildlife. Most of this can be seen against a backdrop of the city’s skyscrapers and airlines flying high above the park. Amazingly, the animals aren’t bothered by the busy city life at all.

Wildlife- Nairobi City Excursions

The Nairobi National Park is home to some of the world’s densest black Rhinos. It hosts over 50 of them although poachers continue to threaten the existence of these animals.  While on your Nairobi National Park tour, expect to see lions and hyenas which are a common sight within this park. The park rangers at the entrance have updates on the movement of these most dreaded animals. You need patience and luck to spot resident cheetahs and leopards. You’ll also see buffalos, zebras, warthogs, gazelles, giraffes, and ostriches. The wetland areas of the park sustain over 300 bird species.

Accessing the Park

When taking a Nairobi National Park tour via public means, you’ll take vehicles plying route 125/6; they cost Ksh.50. The ride takes about 30 minutes, and they pass by the Park’s main gate. Private vehicles also go to the Park, but you can engage Nairobi tour companies for half day safaris. They cost about $75 per person.

The main entrance along Langata road is about seven kms from the city center, but there are alternative gates on Magadi roads and the Athi Rive Gate. Athi River gate is convenient for people coming from Mombasa, Amboseli, or the Tanzania boarder.  Mostly, 2WDs are common on the park’s roads but during rainy seasons, it is wise to use 4WDs.

Navigating the Park

During your Nairobi National Park tour, the cheapest way to navigate around is using the park’s shuttle or your personal car. There is a big KWS bus which leaves the main gate at 2 pm on Sundays for a 2.5-hour tour.  You can book in person at the main entrance by 1.30 pm although call in advance in case of any changes to avoid last minute disappointments.

The Mind-Blowing Mount Kenya Tour

Mount Kenya tour is the idealic safari to start with before proceeding to other attractions. Africa is beautiful, and it can change your life forever. To go on a safari is to experience one of the greatest outdoor holidays of all time. Sunbathing while feeling the breeze and watching birds and wildlife in the grassland is spectacular.  Imagine witnessing the famous wildebeest migration firsthand while exploring the allure that is Africa, unforgettable. The feeling is almost like madness, with every visit, you can’t stop your eyes from the continent’s vast horizons.

Mountain Climbing Expeditions

An avid traveler yet to go on a safari holiday should consider mountain climbing expeditions. With Mount Kenya tour, you can have the best without sacrificing your comfort.  Climbing Mount Kenya is a privilege for the few, and the beauty is that you’ll make many friends with similar interests. While at it, you can book the best luxury safari camps and lodges whose facilities equal no other.

About Mt. Kenya

Mount Kenya is Africa’s second largest peak and is regarded as the home of Ngai, god of the native Kikuyu inhabitants.  The Agikuyu homes were traditionally constructed facing the sacred mountain named Kirinyaga or a place of light. The Mountain is an inspiring site; it is highly rugged and crowned with snow. The slopes are thick with forest cover, and the best view is at dawn when the day’s light rays beam high over the surrounding plains.

Climbing Mount Kenya

A Mount Kenya tour will enable you to see the over 5,199-meter summit which is not easy to climb. While attempting to climb Mount Kenya, you can approach it from the Lenana entrance, mostly used by trekkers.  The trek can take about three to five days through the amazing wildlife and forests.

Also, you’ll experience unique mountain vegetation and the world’s rarest sights, the equatorial snow.  If you are not interested mountain climbing, the cool highland surrounding Mt. Kenya’s base is well worth visiting. The forests are perfect for viewing the game, and you’ll experience crystal clear mountain streams.

How to get to Mount Kenya

When using road transport from Nairobi City, it’s easier to access Mount Kenya through Naro Moru or Nanyuki.   Some trekkers and climbers approach the mountain through Chogoria, one of the villages around Mt. Kenya.  Nanyuki airstrip serves residents and visitors using air travel, and you can book a charter flight for your Mount Kenya tour.  Find a good trekking company or hotels in Nanyuki town to organize transfers from Nairobi to Mt. Kenya.

The Masai Mara Luxury Safari

If you have money and want a safari experience of a lifetime, consider taking a Masai Mara luxury safari.  If you are not a resident of East Africa the costs are slightly higher with the following entrance fees:

Non-residents adults residing outside the park pay $ 80 while East African residents pay about $ 12. Five seater vehicles pay about $ 4 while six seater but less than 12 seaters pay about $10.  All the charges are for 24 hours daily.

Accommodation at the Mara

There are luxury camps in Masai Mara you can hire based on the number of days you want to stay at the park.  Also, you can rent one of the many tents available to give you the real bush experience.

What You Expect To See

You will see the big five in the Masai Mara. They include leopards, lions, buffalos, and elephants. Try to look out for unique and unexpected moments to make your trip special and memorable. If you have the freedom of a self-drive, you’ll have added benefits. However, you can opt of private charters when you have some extra money to spend. Luxury Kenya Safari is all one needs to unwind from the pressures of life

The Masai Mara Experience

While on a Masai Mara luxury safari, spend most of your time cruising through the park to see the African wild.  The number of predators you’ll see grazing on the endless plains will amaze you. Luxury Kenya Safari offer qualified tour guides to guide you through the huge park; they have radio communication for easy tracking.

Why the Masai Mara Luxury Safari

Masai Mara is the most famous safari location in the world. Contrary to popular opinion, there are many luxury camps in Masai Mara which are always full all year round. The spot is popular due to the abundance of predators and the breathtaking scenery. The rolling plains are mind-blowing, and the people are amazing.  The wildebeest migration between July and October draws thousands of visitors to this game reserve.

The Masai tribe which consists of the indigenous Kenyan natives makes the largest part of the Kenyan culture. Their culture is unique housing structures called Manyatta which give you a real cultural experience. Such is what adds to a unique Masai Mara luxury safari experience.

The Ideal Kenya Tanzania Safaris

Kenya is the home of safari and the best place to go whenever you plan for an African safari and doing Kenya Tanzania safaris is the best thing.  The country has beautiful beaches, excellent weather, wildlife, and beautiful landscapes. It hosts some of the world’s rare animal species and is home to more than 50 parks and reserves.

On any Kenya Tanzania safaris, you are guaranteed to see the Big Five and visit the best and famous parks across the country. Masai Mara, Amboseli, Meru, Tsavo East, and Tsavo West, Lake Nakuru, and Samburu are popular places to v visit while on luxury Kenya safari. Be sure to book yourself in the incredible luxury safari lodges and tented camps while enjoying the Kenyan culture.

The Wildebeest Migration

Taking Kenya Tanzania safaris in the months of July to October is perfect if you want to witness the world’s seventh wonder-the wildebeest migration.  The wonder is one of the most breath-taking events on earth. The animals make a daring at the crocodile and hippo-infested Mara River from Tanzanians Serengeti. The migration involves large herds of wildebeest and zebras following an annual circular route around the Serengeti ecosystem. They do this in an endless quest for pasture and water, and only the lucky ones make to see another day.

Tanzania Luxury Safaris

Tanzania is another great safari destination in East Africa. It borders Kenya and is famous for its wide range of wildlife and safari parks. The Ngorongoro Crater, Serengeti, Lake Tarangire and Manyara are all concentrated with wildlife. On your Kenya Tanzania safaris, you’ll have a chance to visit the Olduvai Gorge, a significant pale anthropological site in the world.

Also, you’ll have so much fun staying at the Tanzania luxury safari lodges and budget tented camp hotels at pocket-friendly rates.  The country has hospitable people who will be happy to accompany you on your safari walks. You’ll come across the country’s richest culture and traditional cuisines prepared by the ever-humble Tanzania women.

Combining Kenya Tanzania Safaris

To make the most out of your Kenya Tanzania safaris, consider combining the two. By working with an experienced safari tour company, you can get an all-inclusive safari package that will take you to the two countries to witness nature and world wonders.  You need between 10 to 15 days to enjoy your trip and have lasting memories to carry back home.  You cannot go wrong with a well-planned Kenya Tanzania safari.







The Best Safari Tours in Tanzania

When you take an African Safari, it means engaging in several wildlife game drives. Also, it means staying in remote locations and observing the survival skills of nature’s predators.  Tanzania which is a famous safari destination in Africa offers some of the best safari experiences in the world.  Safari tours in Tanzania expose both locals and visitors to some of the country’s best safari excursions.  They arrange spontaneous nature events for people who want to witness nature and take photos while camping in the wild.

About Tanzania

Tanzania I a beautiful country located in the East African region of the continent. It is home to some of the best beaches, grassland plains and the origin of the famous wildebeest migration. The Serengeti, home of the wildebeest, is located in Tanzania neighbors Kenya’s Masai Mara.  It is surrounded by Zanzibar, an island that attracts many honeymooners all year round.

Lake Manyara Safari

Lake Manyara Safari is one of the best safaris you can try when visiting Tanzania.  The scenic beauty of the park makes it worth the visit and the game viewing experience is second to none. It is famous for its tree-climbing lions and flamingos.

The soda-ash lake in the heart makes Lake Manyara safari one of a kind.  The park is on the road from Arusha to Ngorongoro Crater. The lake takes much of the park leaving a strip of the land along its shores where animals rest.

The best time to arrange for your Lake Manyara safari is between July and October. However, for those who reside around, it is a good, soft, game viewing park at any time of the year.  Daytime game drives are popular and just recently, there are night safaris. The camps inside the park offer short nature walks.

Tarangire Park Safaris

Tarangire National Park is located in the Northern part of Tanzania. It is a quiet but lively Park and is famous for its elephant population, birding, and authentic safari atmosphere. While on your Tarangire park safaris, you’ll witness unique game viewing experience between July and October. It is the place to be if you love elephants and a quite safari ambiance.  It is the surprise package on the Northern circuit but sometimes is overshadowed by the Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater.

Activities around the park include daytime game drives but staying outside the park makes it possible for might safaris.  Although there are no boat safaris, Oliver’s Camp provides adventure fly-camping trips and walking safaris.

The Best of Masai Mara Safari Tours

Masai Mara is situated in the South West part of Kenya and makes one of Africa’s greatest wildlife reserves. Alongside the Serengeti National Park in Tanzania, Masai Mara forms most of the continents incredible and most spectacular eco-system.  It offers the world’s top safari big game viewing experience of all time.  Masai Mara safari tours will give you a chance to experience the African wild at its best at pocket-friendly rates.

You can consider the many options for Kenya budget safaris to make your trip more worthwhile and memorable.  Also, book your safari with a reputable tour operator ahead of your trip to avoid last minute disappointments. The distance is about 270 km from Nairobi, Kenya’s capital and takes about 5 hours by road or 45 minutes by air.

Wildebeest Migration

When arranging for budget safaris in Kenya, make provisions to experience and witness the world’s seventh wonder, the wildebeest migration.  Ensure you have your safari planned out to fly or drive to the Mara where all the magic takes place.  Many people have heard the wildebeest migration but nothing prepares them for the real life experience. Therefore, make sure it is one of the things on your bucket list. The best time for this is between July and October.

Accommodation in Masai Mara

Budget safaris in Kenya are quite common; hence, while planning your trip consider getting convenient accommodation options as per your budget. You can stay in the accommodation facilities located in and around the Mara including conservancy. However, the conservancies have restricted the number of cars which allows for more private game viewing experience.

The Best Time to Visit

Masai Mara Safari Tours offer people a unique way to enjoy nature in Africa. You can arrange your Kenya budget safaris tour in July to October to coincide with the incredible movement of animals.  December to February are great months since they are dry and perfect for the Big Cats to roam around. Therefore, when planning for your budget safaris in Kenya, consider timing depending on your interests.

Recommended Number of Days

Masai Mara safari tours provide an excellent chance to sample the vast Maasai Mara; hence requires about three to four days. If you want sheer photography, then opt to stay much longer to get the perfect photos.  You can add a few more days to see more of Kenya including the Amboseli, Northern Kenya, and Tsavo National Parks. A day to the Watamu or Diani Beach will add more flavor to your Kenya budget safaris.

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