Rwanda gorilla trekking safari will take you to the Montane forest. The montane forests cover some of the western parts of Burundi and Rwanda. they are also found on the eastern part of the DRC.

the climatic region of this mountain makes it a conducive environment for the gorillas and they are only found in this areas, namely Congo, Burundi and Uganda. Rwanda gorilla trekking safari will be confined to only Rwanda and the DRC

The golden monkeys are endemic species of the Virunga massif. They are found in Volcanoes National Park, Mgahinga national park, Gishwati forest and Virunga National Park in Congo.

Golden monkeys live in families. The number of members per group varies between 100 to 125 individuals. This includes one dominant male, females, juveniles and babies. The dominant males and adult females are responsible to protect the territory and resources found in, mostly females defend the food. The Rwanda gorilla trekking safari will take you deep in to the woods as you embark on this long journeys of Gorilla trekking


DEPARTURE TIME – Please Ready by 5: 30 AM for a prompt departure at 6:30 AM

RETURN TIME-  Approximately 2:30 PM.

WEAR – Comfortable clothing, boots, hat, jacket, Camera, Binocular and sunscreen.

Avavailability All through the year

Pricing Per person
Minimum Travelers 2

Departure location
From the airport or your place of stay

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